About Us

🧡Hello! That's Geekwich.com🧡

We are a small company in Italy 🇮🇹, we ship worldwide*🌎!

We love tech, computers, tv series, cinema stuff as you do! (we're your geek squad🤓)

All our merch is high-quality build, tee and hoodie are comfortable AF! 💪🏻😉

Apparel are sent in max 15 days.

Other Various Items and gadget are sent in max 40 days.

Have fun browsing the website!

also, share it with your friends :)

thank you.🧡

👾Matteo from Geekwich.com👾


*due to shipping issue we don't ship to: 
center and Sud America, Africa, China, Philippines, Bahrain, Lebanon, Djibouti

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